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What Is An Escape Room Game?

A real-life escape room is a live puzzle solving adventure. You and your team will be “locked” in a room, and must escape before time runs out!

Work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape in 60 minutes! Split up to effectively use the time you have.

Escape rooms are a safe way to have fun with friends, or as a team building activity. Game masters are on-site to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event.


Unique Fun Activity

Whether it's a family outing, a friendly get-together, or a team building event, our unique experience is the perfect fit!


Health and Safety Minded

We ensure that our rooms are kept clean and hygienic for every game, prioritizing the safety and comfort of our guests.

Our Games

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ESCAPE THE ALIENSDifficulty: EasyPlayers: 4-10Price: $30 per personLocation: 205 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo (or online experience available)

A call from a distressed, client has brought you and your team to the office of Dr. Tim F. Hatt, a well known UFOologist. Suspicious looking characters and ominous noises emanate from the depths of his make-shift laboratory.
Dr. Hatt has gone missing! It’s up to you and your team to investigate His office and unravel the mystery of the suspicious activities that have been occurring within his lab.

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ESCAPE THE ASYLUMDifficulty: MediumPlayers: 4-16Price: $35 per personLocation: 100 N B St, San Mateo

A chaotic afternoon and a gross misunderstanding has led you and a group of friends to be admitted into a facility for the criminally insane!
You've pleaded with the on-call doctors that there has been a mistake and that your team has been incarcerated by accident. The doctors have proven to be sympathetic to your situation, but can't simply let you go unless you pass their tests.

(For questions about how "teams" work when booking this event, see our FAQ section)

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ESCAPE THE MAD HATTERDifficulty: MediumPlayers: 4-16Price: $35 per personLocation: 1931 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View (or online experience available)

You and your team have fallen down the rabbit hole and found yourselves in Wonderland and you've foolishly accepted the Mad Hatter's tea party invitation!
Little did you know that these parties never end. Those that fail to escape this colorful nightmare end up as mad as the hatter himself. You and your team will have 60 minutes to unlock clues from the 4 different realms of Wonderland. You must solve all 4 realms in order to escape!

(For questions about how "teams" work when booking this event, see our FAQ section)

What our customers are saying

We had a great time cracking the codes and finding keys to locks that would help us escape the Mad Hatter !! the staff was very friendly and kept cracking jokes. The game is amazing and good for anyone irrespective of where you come from... 

★★★★★Gaurav S.

Tripadvisor Reviewier

I highly recommend this for friends/couples and companies that want to put together team bonding/building event. Our game master was fun and made the experience that much better! If you are thinking about going, stop thinking about it and go!"

★★★★★- Bridgett C.

Elite Yelp Reviewer

Our work group of 7 escaped together on this adventure. It was a lot of fun to work together and we definitely needed all of our different personalities and insights. We had a blast.

★★★★★Linda R

Tripadvisor Reviewer

Ryptic Room Escape is so much fun!! I can't wait until they launch their next game. I first heard of room escape games on the Big Bang Theory and once I learned there was one in San Mateo, we had to go!

★★★★★Jeremy C

Tripadvisor Reviewer

Team Building

Looking for a team building activity? Our escape rooms can accommodate teams as large as 32 people in a single session. Book multiple sessions and bring even more team members. Join us for an on-site team building event!

Engaging and Fun

First and foremost, our events make sure to keep your team's attention. Leave the engagement and participation to us!

Connect with your team

A happy and communicative team is a productive team.

An activity your employees will love!

With 1000+ 5 Star reviews, our team building events are a hit with teams all over the world!

Effective team building

Our activities help break down barriers and help teams communicate better, long after the activity has ended.


About Ryptic Room Escape

Founded in 2015, we are Silicon Valley’s first and largest escape room company, with multiple locations throughout the Bay Area.
We love all things related to puzzle, strategy and team building, and are always looking for new ways to challenge and entertain our die hard fans.


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Give the gift of an experience your friends and loved ones will never forget! The recipient of the gift card will be able to choose any game in any of our locations or online. 


  • What is an Escape Room?

    Ryptic Room Escape is a real life, puzzle solving game. You and your team will actually be “locked” in a room! We love hosting team-building activities, birthday parties, date night, family night, or just another Friday night out!

    You will have one hour to find clues, solve puzzles and discover the codes, passwords and keys that allow you to unlock the door and escape!

  • How do I book a game if there are "teams" listed?

    For “Escape The Asylum” and “Escape The Mad Hatter” games, the room is split into four rooms and the game will take you across all four rooms. Each room is occupied by one team at a time (team A, B, C, or D) with a max capacity of 6 people (we are able to increase this max capacity a little if all the tickets are purchased under one booking). Teams do not interact with each other as they occupy a different room at any given time, and they swap rooms over the course of the game. To make a booking, select a team and the number of tickets you would like to purchase in that team. Please note that if you purchase less than 6 tickets, there is a possibility that the remaining tickets will be purchased by other players who will join your team

  •  Can we have a private game? I want to play with just my friends/coworkers.

    To have a private game experience you will need to purchase all tickets available for that game. There are two ways to do this: You can either purchase all the tickets available in the team that you want to play in with your friends, this ensures that nobody else can join your team. Or to book the whole escape room, you can purchase all tickets available across all four teams, this blocks off the entire room just for you. If you’re looking to reserve the whole escape room you can book online, or contact us and we'll take care of it for you.

  •  Will I actually be locked in! What if I need to use the bathroom?

    All our games have emergency exits – you will never truly be locked in (that would be dangerous!). However, if you exit the room before time is up, you will not be allowed back in- this would be disruptive to your fellow teammates. Please use the bathroom before starting your game.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time and please do not be late! In order to avoid ruining the experience for other players, we will not allow late entrants. Your game will be cancelled without refund if you are late.
    Ryptic Room Escape accepts cancellations and reschedules. Refunds or store credit amounts available are dependent on the notice provided prior to reservation start time:
    * 5+ days notice: Full refund – minus the 6% booking fee.* 3+ days notice: Full store credit including booking fee / free reschedule.* 24h+ notice: 50% store credit.* Less than 24 hours notice: No refund or store credit.
    Tickets are not person specific, however they are transferable to another person. Just forward them your booking confirmation email.
    All bookings made with a deposit are 100% payable 5 days prior to start of the game.

  •  Is Ryptic Room Escape physically exerting? Is it wheelchair accessible? Is it scary?

    Our games require very little physical exertion. There is no running, climbing, jumping or crawling required. We exercise your brain, not your body! We try our best to make our games fully handicap and wheelchair accessible, but are always open to feedback! (as of now only Escape from the Mad Hatter and Sherlock Inc. are wheelchair accessible) Our games are meant to be silly, not scary.

  •  How hard are your games? Can kids/grandparents play?

    Our puzzles are meant to be challenging but solvable for all ages 13 and up. Participants under 18 must have a guardian sign the waiver which will be emailed to you as a part of your email confirmation.

    For All games children ages 6 to 13 must have an adult chaperone present in the room to play.

    Children under 6 years of age are not allowed in any game, for their own safety.

    Children under 13 years of age are not allowed in the Escape the Asylum Game.

    Children under 10 years of age are not allowed in the SHERLOCK Inc Game (this game is recommended for ages 14+)

  • Our team is bigger than your player limit, what should we do?

    We often have teams split up and play different games at the same time. Try booking one room for each of our games!

  •  Can I book a specific date in advance?

    Of course! Just click the “Following Dates” button in the ticket booking widget. You can book up to 6 months in advance.

  •  Do you sell tickets at the door? Can I show up with an extra friend/teammate?

    Unfortunately no. Our room limits are based on the size and content limits of the rooms themselves. The only exception is if you’re already having private game (you purchased all the tickets), we will permit you to purchase an additional ticket, with the understanding that it will be a little crowded!

  • Where are your 3 locations?

    We have 3 escape room locations:● Escape the Aliens - 205 E 3rd Ave San Mateo, CA ● Escape the Mad Hatter - 1931 Old Middlefield Way Unit X, Mountain View, CA● Escape the Asylum - 100 N B St. San Mateo, CA

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