Escape The Asylum

The Game

You and your team have had a chaotic afternoon that started with a simple plan to go for a hike. Being the adventurous group that you are, you decided to explore an old abandoned building despite the warning signs on the gates to stay away.
When you get inside, you are suddenly surrounded by a group of people in white coats who tackle you to the ground, accuse you of breaking into a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane and check you in!
Despite your protestations and pleading with the on-call doctors that you have been incarcerated by mistake, they insist that they can’t let you go until they perform tests to determine your mental state. Can you pass their rigorous tests and escape the asylum in time?
(For questions about how "teams" work when booking this event, see our FAQ section)

  • Complexity - 8/10

    This game is suitable for most players

  • Age - 12+

    The plot is suitable for children with parents

  • 4 - 16 Players

    This mystery needs teamwork to be solved.

  • Time - 60 minutes

    You'll have only one hour to escape. The whole experience lasts ~90 minutes.

  • Located in San Mateo, CA

    100 N B St, San Mateo


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