Escape The Mad Hatter

The Game

You and your team have stumbled upon a rabbit hole and fell into Wonderland. While exploring, you came across the Mad Hatter who invited you to his tea party, but being a curious and adventurous group you have unwisely accepted the invitation.
As soon as you arrive, you realize that something is off. The tea party never ends, and it seems like time has stopped in Wonderland. You soon learn that those who fail to escape the never-ending tea party will end up as mad as the Mad Hatter himself!
It is a daunting prospect, but you must escape. The Mad Hatter gives you a challenge - you have 60 minutes to unlock clues from the four different realms of Wonderland to escape this colorful nightmare. Will you get it all done and escape in time?
(For questions about how "teams" work when booking this event, see our FAQ section)

  • Complexity - 8/10

    This game is suitable for most players

  • Age - 12+

    The plot is suitable for children with parents

  • 4 - 16 Players

    This mystery needs teamwork to be solved.

  • Time - 60 minutes

    You'll have only one hour to escape. The whole experience lasts ~90 minutes.

  • Located in Mountain View, CA

    1931 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View (or online experience available)


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